Microna Ltd is the first company, spun-off from the Institute of Mechanics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, established in 2010 to offer innovative solutions for medical and industrial applications. The company holds several patents in the field of mechatronics and micro-fluidic technologies, integrating them successfully for complex applications in cellular biology and human genetics.               

Microna finished successfully a project in the framework of Operative Program "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy (2007-2013)". The grant contract is: BG161O003-1.1.05-0035-C0001/22.10.2012; The project name: "Robotic System for In-Vitro Fertilization". Numerous achievements have been made in that project in order to automate the IVF process. As a result, Microna offers state-of-the art systems and individual solutions for assisted reproduction. Some of the leading Bulgarian medical clinics are beginning to make use of those IVF innovations.

We are a small and flexible company, providing our clients with individual solutions for their specific demands in the field of micro-mechanics. Our staff consists of highly qualified scientists, engineers, software developers and medical experts. We have expertise in the field of mechanics, robotics, electronics, fluidics, optics and laser metrology. We combine our knowledge and experience to design and prototype systems with applications in the field of industry, biology and medicine.